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Explore the fascinating realm of discrete mathematics with MATH150, a foundational course designed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts and techniques of discrete mathematics. From logic and proofs to combinatorics and graph theory, this course covers essential topics in discrete mathematics, empowering students to develop problem-solving skills and mathematical reasoning abilities.


Course Highlights:

Introduction to Discrete Mathematics: Understand the scope and importance of discrete mathematics in computer science, cryptography, and other fields, and explore its applications in solving real-world problems.

Logic and Propositional Calculus: Gain insights into propositional logic, truth tables, logical equivalences, and methods of proof, and learn how to analyze and construct logical arguments.

Set Theory: Explore the basics of set theory, including set operations, set relations, functions, and cardinality, and understand their applications in mathematics and computer science.

Combinatorics: Learn about combinatorial techniques such as permutations, combinations, binomial coefficients, and the pigeonhole principle, and understand their applications in counting and probability problems.

Graph Theory: Delve into the study of graphs, including graph terminology, graph representations, graph connectivity, graph algorithms, and applications of graph theory in network analysis and optimization.

Discrete Structures: Explore other discrete structures such as trees, sequences, recurrence relations, and finite state machines, and understand their significance in computer science and discrete mathematics.

Number Theory: Gain insights into elementary number theory concepts such as divisibility, prime numbers, congruences, and modular arithmetic, and understand their applications in cryptography and algorithm design.

Algorithm Analysis: Learn how to analyze the efficiency and correctness of algorithms using mathematical techniques such as induction, recurrence relations, and asymptotic notation.


Who Should Enroll:

MATH150 is ideal for students pursuing degrees in mathematics, computer science, engineering, or related fields, as well as anyone interested in developing problem-solving and analytical skills. This course is suitable for beginners with a strong mathematical background as well as those seeking to deepen their understanding of discrete mathematics concepts and their applications.

MATH150 - Discrete Mathematics

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