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Immerse yourself in the world of digital design with CS231, a course focused on digital logic design principles and Verilog Hardware Description Language (HDL). This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of digital design and equips them with the skills to implement and simulate digital circuits using Verilog HDL.


Course Highlights:

Introduction to Digital Logic: Understand the basics of digital logic design, including Boolean algebra, logic gates, and combinational and sequential circuits.

Combinational Logic Design: Learn how to design and analyze combinational logic circuits using truth tables, Karnaugh maps, and Boolean algebra.

Sequential Logic Design: Explore the principles of sequential logic design, including flip-flops, registers, counters, and state machines.

Introduction to Verilog HDL: Gain proficiency in using Verilog HDL for digital design, including syntax, data types, and modeling constructs.

Verilog Modeling: Learn how to model and simulate digital circuits using Verilog, including module instantiation, behavioral modeling, and structural modeling.

Simulation and Synthesis: Understand the process of simulating and synthesizing Verilog designs to verify functionality and implement them on hardware.

Timing Analysis: Explore timing constraints and analysis techniques to ensure proper operation of digital circuits.

Design Projects: Apply digital design concepts and Verilog programming skills to complete hands-on design projects.

Advanced Topics: Dive into advanced topics such as FPGA design, ASIC design flows, and hardware verification methodologies.


Who Should Enroll:

CS231 is ideal for students pursuing degrees in computer engineering, electrical engineering, or related fields, as well as professionals looking to expand their knowledge of digital design and Verilog HDL. This course is suitable for aspiring hardware engineers, FPGA designers, ASIC engineers, and anyone interested in designing digital circuits and systems.

CS231 - Digital Logic Design

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