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Dive deeper into the realm of physics with SCI201, the continuation of the exploration started in SCI101. This course delves into more advanced topics, building upon the foundational knowledge gained in General Physics 1. From electromagnetism to thermodynamics, SCI201 equips students with the tools to understand the intricacies of the physical world.


Course Highlights:

Electromagnetism: Explore the principles of electromagnetism, including Coulomb's law, electric fields, magnetic fields, and electromagnetic induction.

Optics: Delve into the fascinating world of optics, covering topics such as reflection, refraction, lenses, mirrors, and optical instruments.

Wave Phenomena: Study wave properties and behaviors, including interference, diffraction, and standing waves.

Thermodynamics: Gain insights into the laws of thermodynamics, heat transfer mechanisms, and the behavior of gases.

Fluid Mechanics: Understand the principles of fluid mechanics, including buoyancy, viscosity, and fluid flow.

Modern Physics: Explore modern physics topics such as quantum mechanics, atomic structure, nuclear physics, and special relativity.

Laboratory Experiments: Engage in hands-on laboratory experiments to reinforce theoretical concepts and develop practical skills in data collection and analysis.


Who Should Enroll:

SCI201 is designed for students pursuing degrees in physics, engineering, or related fields, as well as those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the physical sciences. This course is suitable for individuals with a strong mathematical background and a curiosity about the natural world.

SCI201 - General Physics 2

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