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Advance your understanding of effective people management with MGT211, a course dedicated to the principles and practices of Human Resource Management (HRM). Based on key insights from the field, this course offers a thorough exploration of the strategies and functions involved in managing an organization's most valuable asset; its people.


Course Highlights:

Introduction to HRM: Understand the fundamental concepts and importance of human resource management in modern organizations.

Recruitment and Selection: Learn effective methods for attracting, selecting, and retaining top talent.

Training and Development: Explore strategies for employee development, including training programs, career development, and performance management.

Compensation and Benefits: Gain insights into designing competitive compensation packages and benefits to motivate and retain employees.

Employee Relations: Understand the dynamics of employer-employee relationships and techniques for fostering a positive workplace environment.

Legal and Ethical Considerations: Examine the legal and ethical issues related to HRM, including labor laws, equal employment opportunity, and workplace diversity.

Performance Management: Learn to develop and implement performance management systems that align with organizational goals.

Strategic HRM: Explore the role of HRM in formulating and executing organizational strategy.


Who Should Enroll:

MGT211 is perfect for students pursuing a career in human resources, current HR professionals seeking to enhance their skills, and managers looking to improve their people management capabilities. This course is also beneficial for anyone interested in understanding the critical role of HRM in organizational success.

MGT211 - H.R Management

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