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Delve into the fundamental principles of database management with IT244, a comprehensive course designed to provide students with a solid understanding of database concepts, design, and implementation. From relational database models to SQL query language, this course equips students with the skills necessary to design and manage efficient and secure databases.


Course Highlights:

Introduction to Databases: Understand the importance of databases in modern information systems and explore the role they play in data management.

Relational Database Concepts: Learn about the relational model of data organization, including tables, rows, columns, keys, and relationships.

Database Design: Gain insights into database design principles, normalization techniques, and entity-relationship modeling.

Structured Query Language (SQL): Master SQL, the standard language used to interact with relational databases, including querying, updating, and managing database objects. Database

Management Systems (DBMS): Explore different types of database management systems, including relational, NoSQL, and NewSQL systems, and understand their features and applications.

Database Administration: Learn about database administration tasks such as user management, backup and recovery, and performance tuning.

Data Integrity and Security: Understand the importance of data integrity and security in database management, including techniques for ensuring data consistency and protecting sensitive information.

Database Connectivity: Explore methods for connecting databases to applications and integrating them into software systems.

Emerging Trends: Stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in database technology, including cloud databases, big data platforms, and blockchain databases.


Who Should Enroll:

IT244 is ideal for students pursuing degrees in information technology, computer science, or related fields, as well as professionals seeking to expand their knowledge of database management. This course is suitable for aspiring database administrators, data analysts, software developers, and anyone interested in leveraging databases for data-driven decision-making.

IT244 - Introduction to Database

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