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Master the art of effective communication in technical fields with ENG103, a comprehensive course designed to equip students with the skills and techniques necessary to excel in technical writing. From reports and manuals to proposals and documentation, this course covers essential aspects of technical communication, empowering students to convey complex information clearly, concisely, and persuasively.


Course Highlights:

Understanding Technical Writing: Explore the characteristics and conventions of technical writing, including clarity, precision, audience analysis, and purpose-driven communication.

Types of Technical Documents: Learn about different types of technical documents, such as reports, manuals, proposals, instructions, specifications, and documentation.

Document Design and Layout: Understand the principles of document design, including formatting, layout, typography, and visual elements, to enhance readability and usability.

Writing Style and Tone: Develop a professional writing style and learn how to adapt tone and language to suit different audiences and contexts.

Research and Information Gathering: Gain insights into effective research techniques and learn how to gather and evaluate information from diverse sources to support technical writing projects.

Structuring Technical Documents: Learn how to structure technical documents logically and coherently, including organizing content, outlining, and creating effective headings and subheadings.

Technical Illustrations and Graphics: Explore techniques for incorporating illustrations, diagrams, charts, and other visual aids to enhance understanding and clarity in technical documents.

Editing and Revision: Develop proficiency in editing and revising technical documents for clarity, accuracy, and coherence, including proofreading techniques and peer review processes.

Audience Engagement and Persuasion: Understand how to engage and persuade readers through effective communication strategies, including audience analysis, persuasion techniques, and call-to-action statements.

Ethical and Legal Considerations: Explore ethical and legal issues related to technical writing, including plagiarism, copyright, intellectual property, and data privacy.


Who Should Enroll:

ENG103 is ideal for students pursuing degrees in engineering, computer science, information technology, business, or related fields, as well as professionals seeking to enhance their technical communication skills. This course is suitable for aspiring technical writers, engineers, scientists, project managers, and anyone involved in creating or disseminating technical information.

ENG103 - Technical Writing

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