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Master the art and science of project management with IT270, a course based on the "PM E-Book (6th Edition)." This course covers essential project management concepts, tools, and techniques, equipping you with the skills necessary to successfully plan, execute, and manage projects in a technical environment.


Course Highlights:

Introduction to Project Management: Understand the fundamental principles and importance of project management in various industries.

Project Life Cycle: Learn about the different phases of the project life cycle, from initiation and planning to execution, monitoring, and closure.

Project Integration Management: Explore techniques for coordinating all aspects of a project to ensure successful outcomes.

Scope Management: Gain insights into defining and managing project scope to meet objectives and avoid scope creep.

Time Management: Master the skills required to create and manage project schedules, including task sequencing, duration estimation, and critical path analysis.

Cost Management: Learn how to plan, estimate, budget, and control project costs to ensure projects are completed within budget.

Quality Management: Understand the importance of maintaining quality standards and learn techniques for quality planning, assurance, and control.

Human Resource Management: Explore strategies for effectively managing project teams, including roles, responsibilities, and team dynamics.

Communication Management: Learn best practices for ensuring effective communication among project stakeholders.

Risk Management: Gain proficiency in identifying, analyzing, and responding to project risks.

Procurement Management: Understand the processes involved in acquiring goods and services from external sources.

Stakeholder Management: Learn how to identify and engage project stakeholders to ensure their needs and expectations are met.


Who Should Enroll:

IT270 is ideal for students pursuing careers in project management, professionals looking to enhance their project management skills, and anyone interested in mastering the techniques for managing technical projects. This course is suitable for aspiring project managers, team leaders, and anyone responsible for leading or participating in projects.

CS480 - IT Project Management

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