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Step into the essential world of financial accounting with ACC101, a course designed to provide you with the foundational knowledge needed to understand and utilize financial accounting information effectively. Based on the comprehensive textbook "Financial Accounting: Information for Decisions," this course focuses on the critical role of financial information in making informed business decisions.


Course Highlights:

Introduction to Financial Accounting: Learn the basics of financial accounting and its importance in the business environment.

Accounting Principles: Understand the key principles and standards that govern financial accounting practices.

Financial Statements: Gain proficiency in preparing and interpreting essential financial statements, including the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement.

Recording Transactions: Master the process of recording and summarizing financial transactions accurately.

Analyzing Financial Information: Develop skills to analyze financial data and use it to make strategic business decisions.

Ethics in Accounting: Explore the ethical considerations and responsibilities inherent in financial accounting.


Who Should Enroll:

ACC101 is ideal for students beginning their journey in accounting, professionals looking to enhance their financial acumen, and anyone interested in understanding the financial aspects of business operations. This course is suitable for aspiring accountants, business owners, and managers who seek to leverage financial information for better decision-making.

ACC101 - Principles of Accounting

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