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The Team

Who We Are

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Mamdouh Moussa

Founder & CEO

Mamdouh Moussa, the CEO of Moussa Academy, is a seasoned educator and entrepreneur with a deep passion for technology and innovation. With extensive experience in software development and online education, he leads the academy in crafting high-quality, job-oriented training programs. His commitment to accessible and flexible learning has positioned Moussa Academy as a leading institution in distance education.

Mark Tharwat

Business Partner

Mark Tharwat, a business partner at Moussa Academy, brings a wealth of expertise in business development and strategic planning. With a strong background in the education sector, he collaborates with the team to enhance the academy's offerings and expand its reach. Mark's innovative approach and dedication to quality have been instrumental in the academy's growth and success.

Ibrahim Nadim

Management Specialization Head

Ibrahim Nadim, the head of management specialization at Moussa Academy, is an expert in organizational leadership and management training. With a robust background in both academia and industry, he develops comprehensive programs that equip trainees with essential management skills. Ibrahim's dedication to excellence and practical learning ensures that students are well-prepared to meet the demands of the modern job market.

Karim Yakout

Support Operations Manager

Karim Yakout, the Support Operations Manager at Moussa Academy, excels in overseeing student support and ensuring a seamless learning experience. With extensive experience in customer service and operations, he leads a team dedicated to providing continuous assistance and guidance to trainees. Karim's commitment to exceptional support fosters a positive and effective online learning environment for all students.

Abdulrahman Alfeky - Moussa Academy

Abdulrahman Alfeky

Content Development Manager

Abdulrahman Alfeky, the Content Development Manager at Moussa Academy, specializes in creating and curating high-quality educational content. With a background in curriculum design and instructional technology, he ensures that the academy's programs are engaging, relevant, and aligned with industry standards. Abdulrahman's innovative approach to content development plays a key role in the academy's mission to deliver top-tier online education.

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